22. kongres

České ortodontické společnosti

Náš ředitel Dr. Sherif Kandil potvrdil svou účast

na 22. kongresu České ortodontické společnosti.

Jeho přednáška na téma 4D technologie v ortodoncii proběhne dne

6. října 2022 od 9:30 hodin.

Lecture title

A new dimension in orthodontics called 4D


We all know about 3D technology and its application in orthodontics but did you know that 4D technology could be an inevitable path in orthodontics in the near future?

Shifting orthodontics to 4D technology will provide welfare to practitioners, patients, and most of all our planet. It represents the next rational and smart step in orthodontics.

What you will learn

  1. What is 4D tech and how the shift between 3D to 4D will happen?

  2. Our biggest problems in orthodontics and how they could be tackled with 4D tech.

  3. Smart materials vs traditional materials.

  4. Case studies and thermomechanical tests.

  5. Case presentations.

  6. How could you start implementing 4D tech in your practice?