Class I molar and canine relationship and spacing

A 32 year old female patient presented with a chief complaint of spacing between her upper front teeth (Fig.4). The clinical examination revealed a midline diastema in the upper arch and spacing between the lower anterior teeth with Class I molar and canine relationship (Fig.4). Since the patient was esthetically demanding, K Line clear aligner therapy was suggested to which she readily agreed. Her initial records were taken and uploaded to the “K Line” portal (Fig.5). A 3D simulation of the treatment progress was presented and the treatment outcome was predicted (Fig.6). Attachments were placed on both the maxillary central incisors and all the first molars. Interproximal reduction (IPR) was performed in the lower arch according to the presented IPR estimate sheet (Fig.7). Aligners were delivered to the patient for 2 week intervals (Fig.8). The treatment took 10 months to close the anterior spaces (Fig.9) and deliver an esthetically pleasing smile to the patient (Fig.10). The position of the posterior teeth remained unchanged and the Class 1 molar and canine relationship was maintained while the anteriors were retracted to close the anterior spaces. Bonded lingual retainers (BLR) were placed in both arches at the end of the treatment. The patient was satisfied and happy to have received an esthetic as well as comfortable solution to close the anterior spaces without braces.

(Fig 4) Pre- treatment photographs

Case 2 Extra oral Photographs

Extra oral Photographs

Case 2 Intra Oral photographs

Intra Oral photographs

( Fig 5) Pre- treatment digital models

(Fig.6) Predicted treatment outcome generated by computer with attachments

(Fig.7) IPR done

(Fig 8) K Line K Clear aligner inserted

(Fig 9) Post treatment intra oral photographs

Fig.10: Comparison of smile before and after the treatment